Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best use of each detector? [+]
The VUV-14 (fixed wavelength) and the VUV-24 (variable wavelength) are designed for detecting UV absorbing compounds in low concentrations. Typically they are used for analytical HPLC applications.

The EUV is for detecting higher concentrations of UV absorbing compounds. The EUV (254 nm only) is designed for preparative or pilot scale systems where the compound of interest is in abundance.

All of our detectors are suitable for custom applications where you need to install a detector in an instrument.
Can you customize the detector? [+]
Yes, we can make custom modifications to any of our detectors. For OEM applications where cost and size are critical, we can remove components (such as the case, display and power supply) to help fit the detector into your budget and your instrument. Just let us know what you need and we will see how we can help you out.
Are your detectors made in China? [+]
NO WAY! All detector parts are manufactured and built in-house at our facility in Utah, USA. We make quality detectors and speak English so you can easily get what you want without a communication barrier.
Can you private label the detectors? [+]
Yes, we can put your company name, logo and contact info on the detectors so you can resell them. We will not try to hide our contact information anywhere.
Do you have a catalog I can download? [+]
Yes. Click here to download the catalog.
How do I place an order as a distributor? [+]
Email us with the model and quantity you would like to buy and we will quote you a price once we make sure that the detector you selected is the best fit for your application.
Are your detectors suitable for fast LC? [+]
The sample rate of our detectors is 6 samples per second. This is too slow a sample rate to adequately determine absorption for a fast LC system.
What wavelengths are available for the VUV-14 fixed wavelength detector? [+]
Using a mercury lamp as the light source 254 and 280 nm are available. Using a deuterium light source it will depend on the available band pass filters and the required bandwidth. Please contact us directly for specific requirements for your application.
What solvents are compatible with your sample cells? [+]
The wetted components of our sample cells are Teflon and quartz. They are compatible with all common HPLC mobile phases.
What is the flow rate of your sample cells? [+]
We do not specify a flow rate because of the large variety of pressures and solvents that can be used. Instead we specify a maximum pressure that each cell can withstand.
Do you provide software for your detectors?[+]
Our detectors have data outputs that can be interfaced with existing software packages. We do not provide data acquisition software with our detectors.
What output communication do the detectors have?[+]
All our detectors have an analog output and a digital RS-232 port for data transfer. The RS-232 port also can be used for limited control of certain instrument functions. Contact us for the RS-232 communications protocol documents.